Release 3.2.5 (11/21/2016) Corrected GroupLastRuntime record creation when using the Reflect and Remove Processing option for Archived and/or Deleted records

Release 3.2.4 (11/08/2016) Enhanced querysplit logic to account for processing records via SOAP after records have been reflected via BULK

Release 3.2.3 (10/25/2016) Added Schema validation when Validate button on Database setting tab is clicked.
Update to MSSQL column recognition logic

Release 3.2.2 (10/18/2016) Enhanced Check for Updates Exception handling

Release 3.2.1 (10/12/2016) Updated table recognition logic

Release 3.2.0 (10/11/2016) Added Schema targeting when using MS SQL Server as the target local database
Settings window now Resizable and Scrollable
Added Ability to copy list of objects to clipboard from Processing group

Release 3.1.0 (08/05/2016)
Updated TLS version to 1.2 Enhanced Handling of Unsupported Objects

Release 3.0.1 (06/08/2016)
Enhanced handling of log files locked by OS.

Release 3.0.0 (05/25/2016)
Restoration - Reflection has the ability to restore records to Salesforce from the designated local database

Release 2.10.3 (03/22/2016)
Added Per Group configuration option to enable/disable the use of Special character processing

Release 2.10.2 (01/21/2016)
Added support for Special Characters when Reflecting into MS SQL Server

Release 2.10.1 (12/08/2015)
Added Logic to prevent Reflection from Attempting to Reflect Unsupported objects
Added EntityParticle, FieldDefinition, ListViewChartInstance, PicklistValueInfo, PlatformAction, RelationshipDomain, RelationshipInfo, ServiceFieldDataType, UserEntityAccess and UserFieldAccess objects to the Unsupported object list

Release 2.10.0 (11/17/2015)
Updated Salesforce API version from 29 to 34
New System Requirement– .Net Framework 4.5
Enhanced support of Oracle and Redshift databases
Enhanced row formatting for MySQL databases
IdeaComment and CollaborationGroupRecord added to Unsupported object list

Release 2.9.19 (07/08/2015)
Enhanced handling of Invalid Query Locator Errors

Release 2.9.18 (03/24/2015)
Reflect & Remove Archived/Deleted Records Performance Enhancement

Release 2.9.17 Emergency Update Release(3/22/2015)
Fix – License Validation SOAP Exception.

Release 2.9.16 (03/17/2015)
Added custom handling for LoginHistory object. (Date filter adjusted for 6mo lifespan of object)
Fix date filter bug for Load New and Updated Records processing option
Added object name to Bulk processing log entries

Release 2.9.15 (02/23/2015)
Archived and Deleted Querying split (Increases performance and reduces timeouts)
Drop and Recreate processing option – fixed double dropping issue

Release 2.9.14 (10/29/2014)
Adjustments to support multiple email recipients for reporting.

Release 2.9.13 (10/09/2014)
PostgreSQL buffer size issue in bulk data copy fixed.
PostgreSQL data merge issue fixed.
Event logging improved.
Event log export feature added.

Release 2.9.12 (09/23/2014)
Salesforce API updated to version 29
Soap and Bulk query timeout management by date range batches to enable huge amount of records processing
Deleted and Archived on independent processing domains added
Fixed current processing object state issue avoiding Drop and Recreate on every batch

Release 2.9.10 (07/29/2014)
Adjustments on windows registry configurations for 32/64bit
Rollback to API 26, due to issues on Salesforce API 30
Fix issue in Bulk Processing skipping records when records of the batch where updated by SF during the reflect process

Release 2.9.9 (07/24/2014)
Adjustments for Salesforce API 30 new urn:location and urn:address fields processing

Release 2.9.8 (07/20/2014)
added 64bit support

Release 2.9.7 (07/14/2014)
Salesforce Partner API updated to version 30.
Group Settings – Force Soap option added to force the processing of the object included in the group by SOAP only.
SalesForce configuration – adjustable batch size for polling query.

Release 2.9.6 (7/7/2014)
Added test server network connection in case of timeout, to help debug network issues.

Release 2.9.5 (06/19/2014)
Adjustments bulk processing.
Added configurable database query timeout.

Release 2.9.4 (06/2/2014)
Adjustments in processing exception management.
Update database libraries.

Release 2.9.3 (04/24/2014)
Fix Sales Force new object inclusion in the default processing group. Under some conditions this issue was provoking the service to hang.

Release 2.9.2 (04/23/2014)
Added InnoDB Dynamic table format support.

Release 2.9.1 (04/21/2014)
Added Salesforce Articles related API resources processing support. (KnowledgeArticleVersion – KAV objects)

Release 2.9.0 (04/14/2014)
Added SSL connection support to database
Added MySQL engine selection (MyIsam/InnoDB)
Added Link to changelogs in the update window screen.
Added Redshift db support to standalone version.
Optimization of table schema update.

Release 2.8.4 (02/12/2014)
Improve bulk/soap object handling decision with binary processing.
Adjustment numeric precision and scale on decimal fields while generating table structure.

Release 2.8.3
Fix option object group data processing config “only do record count”.

Release 2.8.2
Fix issue duplicate service triggered due to exception generated on external resources.
Improvement on handling of memory cleanup after processing of object finished.

Release 2.8.1
Fix issue scheduler holding state after a failed service initialization.