OnTime FAQs

Does the OnTime Connector support custom fields and picklist?
No, the OnTime Connector does not currently support custom fields and picklists. We are constantly developing new features
What is OnTime?
OnTime is an agile project management system developed by Axosoft. You can check out OnTime (including a free trial) and its features at www.ontimenow.com.
Do I require a subscription to OnTime to use the OnTime Connector?
Much of the functionality in the OnTime Connector will not function without a subscription to OnTime. To experience a fully functional OnTime Connector you need API access to an OnTime Account.
How much does the OnTime Connector cost?
The application costs $300 per month.
What edition of Salesforce.com do I need to use the OnTime connector?
You need a Salesforce.com Enterprise or Unlimited Edition Org or Force.com Unlimited org to make use of the OnTime connector.
How long does it take to setup the OnTime Connector?
The OnTime Connector can typically be setup in under an hour for an experienced Salesforce.com Administrator.
What is Salesforce.com?
Salesforce.com is a full featured CRM platform. You can learn more about Salesforce.com or our Riptide Salesforce FAQ at http://www.riptidecloud.com/salesforce/faqs.
Why did my Chatter Ticket hashtags not get placed into the follow up links post?
If add the hashtag and link would increase the size of the size of the post to greater than a 1000 characters it is not added to the list of links. The hashtag will also not be added to the list of links if it is unable to find a ticket with a matching ticket type and type number as the hashtag.
Why can I only scheduled my data to refresh as far as once an hour?
This is a limit set by Salesforce for scheduled jobs. If you wish to refresh your data soon you may use the manual sync buttons in the sync tab of the OnTime Configuration Tab or you may use the individual refresh buttons on every record page.
Why doesn't all of my information import after pressing sync all?
After you sync all your information you may notice that your records are missing some of the information from OnTime. OnTime currently does not provide all the record information when importing records in bulk so we have provided a refresh button on every record that you can press at any time to get an update version of the record with additional fields. Other fields that still do not appear after selecting refresh on a record are currently not available in the OnTime API and will be added in the future.